Time to change.

Everyday Change is rooted in the belief that change should be positive in both experience and outcome. But don’t get me wrong, I’ve seen enough change to know that’s not exactly how most of us experience it.

Change is messy. We are asking you to become something different in self, action or deed. And that can feel rough. Truth is, as humans we’re not really made for change. We’re made for long distance, to bunker down, to weather the storm. It’s a DNA thing.

However, the world we are in needs to change. To grow, survive, seize opportunity. The organisations that many of us walk through need to change to stay relevant and useful, they need to change so they don’t have to close their doors. So how do we move the dial on change? At Everyday Change we keep these principles in mind for every change we undertake or enable;

  • People at the heart of what we do, decide and discuss
  • No good comes from burning platforms (just metaphorical burnt toes)
  • Create space for the lived history of an organisation, creating ways to leave it behind or take it forward
  • Only the organisations people culture can sustain the change
  • The fancier you go, the worse the results

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