Power Hours

Change blowing your mind?

Perhaps you’ve been asked to lead change for the first time?

Maybe your change has kicked off and you think you should l have all the answers? Or maybe your heads in such a bloody spin, you just need someone in your corner.

Openly optimistic that change can be great power hours were created to get you out of a fix, but without a big bill. It is instance access to brilliant ideas, top notch skill and probably a bit too much sarcasm. (Sounds great? Get straight in, book a power hour)

You can use your Power Hour however you choose, but this what my brain is really good at:

Slowing you down.
Stop. It’s not ready yet*. The rush to change can be more exhausting than the change. So, lets build a case for change that’s not a burning platform, that doesn’t need everything from everyone, now. We’ll take the heat out of the change kitchen, create a change flow that works with your organisation and looks after you. *BYOB

Making the right changes, in the right way.
•So, you have your strategy, you know what the end looks like, but got no idea how to get there? This sticky spot is where I shine, focusing on simple solutions for complex problems we’ll get you motoring toward your new world. Every tool, technique and idea will be accessible and scalable. Every action will be clear, simple and controlled. It’s like a change dream.

Helping you hold your shit together (whilst everyone else loses theirs)
When you choose to work with someone I think its really important you know what you’re letting yourself in for. Change can feel heavy, especially if you’re the one leading it. My change leadership coaching is all about helping you ground yourself in the change, create clear lines of site and control the change waves, so you have chance to reflect and recover. It’s all about you. It’s all about you being a bloody superb change leader.

All our services are pre-fixed with a Power Hour. Not so we can double sell, but some days all you need is an hour and it gives us the chance to make sure what you need is what we can give, to check we can work together in a way we are all comfortable with and so we can test whether the investment you’re leaning to is actually the right one for where you are and where you are going.

How it works;

You book an hour and pay for it straight away. Then you either:

  • Take the hour, get what you need and head off on your merry change way
  • Get a better understanding of what you need, and we deduct our call fee from whatever you choose to do with us
  • Don’t feel like you got your money’s worth and we give you the cash back (unlikely  but keeps us honest)
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