Fancy working with us?

There are three main ways we can work together. And all of them start here…

The Gate Keeper: Book a Power hour

Everything we do starts with a Power Hour. Why? Because power hours were created to get you out of a fix without a big bill. It is instant access to brilliant ideas, top notch skill and probably a bit too much sarcasm. (Sounds great? Get straight in, book a power hour).

All our services are pre-fixed with a Power Hour. Not so we can double sell, but so we can make sure what you need is what we can give, to check we can work together in a way we are all comfortable with and so we can test whether the investment you’re leaning to is actually the right one for where you are and where you are going. Oh, and some days all you need is an hour.

How it works;

You book an hour here and pay for it straight away. Then you either:

  • Take the hour, get what you need and head off on your merry change way
  • Get a better understanding of what you need, and we deduct our call fee from whatever you choose to do with us
  • Don’t feel like you got your money’s worth and we give you the cash back (unlikely 😉 but keeps us honest)

Change leaders: Coaching

Our coaching clients tend to be mid- to senior-level leaders responsible for delivering change within their organisation, either new to change leadership or requiring a bit of extra support so they can do their best without sacrificing their sanity or their personal life.

Through a unique combination of peer-to-peer mentoring and coaching, we’ll guide you through the bits that are causing you to come unstuck and enable you to see what is already in your gift.

We’ll make a great team if:

  • You’ve got a strong sense of what you are up against and are ready to invest in moving forward
  • You need a little extra help; tackling imposter syndrome, getting clarity or to help you navigate the change your surrounded by
  • You’re prepared to be open about where you are and where you need to get to

Frequency of coaching will be guided by you (and is something we can talk about in your Power Hour) but expect to work together for at least 6 sessions with an investment of around £1500+vat.

*Coming Summer 2022*

This bobby dazzler is a unique learning opportunity that brings together individuals, organisations and expert talent to re-shape how we look at, respond to and deliver change. With a primary focus on how we deliver change within our organisations, this workshop is the ultimate sandpit for generating innovative ideas, learning and having day-to-day impact on what we do and how we work.

Everything you’ll hear and learn will use experience-based, research-informed approaches and is updated after every workshop we run, so you get the value and benefit of everyone who has gone before you.

And the best bit? It’s all about you, so we’ll work with your culture, actively challenging your expectations and assumptions so you leave in a better place than when you started.


  • A time out to reflect, decompress and re-set
  • A better understanding of your change challenge
  • Introduction to alternative change models that are scalable and sustainable
  • Tools and techniques to introduce agility to your change
  • Clarity on how you can better communicate with and engage your organisation
  • Tangible actions and take aways

For more details on the launch and how you can book head this way.

Change Leadership

Up on our top shelf is our change leadership capability. We will partner with you and your organisation to deliver the changes you need. Bringing a wealth of experience, battle scars and proven delivery, we’ll work with you to shape the change you need, in a way that enables your people and organisation to travel with you. Supporting you through the hard conversations, partnering with you for the bumpy bits and enabling you to lead your change in a way that respects your shared history but ambitious for your future.

This is right for you and your change if;

  • You need a confident injection of change leadership; something to get you started, back on track or over the line.
  • You’re looking for expertise not capacity. We aren’t cannon fodder, so don’t use us to fill your gaps work with us to find out where to play and how to win
  • You’re open to the change in front of you and open to being coached to lead the change in a way that’s right for you and great for your people

The investment needed will be guided by you (and is something we can talk about in your power hour) and the road ahead. You can expect us to be with you for at least 1 day/week for a minimum of 6 weeks, which would require an investment of around £6000+vat. And if you have read this far, you should have guessed by now that this process will start with you booking a Power Hour.

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