Grow With Us

Change Leadership can feel like a lonely game at times, so through a unique combination of peer-to-peer mentoring and coaching, we’ll guide you through the bits that are causing you to come unstuck and enable you to see what is already in your gift.

We combine coaching and mentoring because some days you’ll have the answer and some days you’ll need to be guided towards it, or shown the way. It also means we can give you tools, models or ideas based on our professional experience, we can be a part of the solution.

Our Grow clients tend to be mid- to senior-level leaders responsible for delivering change within their team or organisation. You might be new to change leadership or requiring a bit of extra support so you can do your best without sacrificing their sanity or their personal life.

We’ll make a great team if:

  • You’ve got a strong sense of what you are up against and are ready to invest in moving forward
  • You need a little extra help; tackling imposter syndrome, getting clarity or to help you navigate the change your surrounded by
  • You’re prepared to be open about where you are and where you need to get to

Frequency of of sessions will guided by you (and is something we will talk about in your power hour) but expect to work together for at least 6 sessions with an investment of around £1800+vat.

Book a power hour to get started.

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