We get you.

Delivering change in a University is not *the same*.

We hear you, and your frustration. Everyday Change was created because of our experiences of change within Universities, because we knew we could create and curate change that delivered better outcomes and experiences. How? By challenging your narratives, models and knowledge in a way that respects your shared history and enables you to be your best.

We know you.

Universities are under pressure to change in a variety of ways. Political uncertainty, rising costs, private providers, increase competition, reducing student numbers and pandemic recovery means the screws are tightening. But you knew that, right?

At the same time, demographics and expectations are shifting. Undergraduate growth is slowing, students have growing and changing expectations of how they connect with both Universities and education, there is a need for a total experience.

Your people are changing. Ways of working are still emergent, the capabilities we need are different and still changing, progression can be limited and frustration. There is an expectation for better, what was offered before doesn’t stand up to scrutiny.

You are changing, choosing to do differently, redefining strategies, reassessing size and shape to be more sustainable. And the changes you are embarking on will have a significant impact on your greatest asset: your people.

The problem with change.

Experience tells us that no matter the size, type or history of your University your problems are never far from each other. The actual problem with change? Is often, not the actual change.

  • Problem 1: Your people. Within every University we have unionised workforces, academic allegiance to discipline over employer, divides between the academic and non-academic workforces and a culture of consensus-based decision making. Starting on the same page, is easier said than done.
  • Problem 2: You were created to challenge. A wonderful part of Universities is the creation and curation of new knowledge and the vibrant debate that brings. But that challenge as risk and exciting as it is, often transcends lecture theatres and can cause a ground swell around the changes you are trying to make.
  • Problem 3: Organisational memory. This is a vast landscape, often rich with failed implementation stories that came with great costs and distracted from core research and teaching. Talk of restructures, Union action and politics will disrupt your change before you have started.
  • Problem 4: The Unspoken Problem. You are a business. I know, you don’t *ever* say that and you often don’t even believe it. But you need to make ends meet, you need to create enticing products and you need to engage and retain your customers. Which means you have to change, in ways that you might not like.

Sound familiar?

We focus our efforts on creating adaptable and scalable solutions that will grow with you, your teams and your future. And we are experts in solving the hurdles you’ll come across, because we have stood where you stand, and we are still standing.

If you think we can help you, we’d love to. And because we know you, the first chat is on us.

The way we work.

Our mission at Everyday Change is to create fit for purpose change capability that enables you, your team and organisation to flourish.

We approach every engagement as partner, an equal will to share the load and the responsibility. We will partner with you wholeheartedly and then, when we are done and happy we’ve made the most of working together, we’ll part ways.

We promise that when we are done, we’ll leave you with new capability and a renewed confidence in delivering your next steps. And whilst we’ll always be happy to hear from you again, we won’t be planning on returning.

Why? Because we believe in the power of choice so we will always give you space to make your next step without us looking over your shoulder. But more importantly we genuinely believe that our time together will mean the next time you face the same or similar challenge you’ll have enough on your side to face into it and therefore you shouldn’t need our help (in the same way) again.

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Everyday Change

Founded in 2019 by Susie Palmer-Trew, Everyday Change is breaking the change management rule book to get you changing in the best possible way.

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