The workshop was clearly a real turning point in the way we think about change.

Beth, Charity CEO

The Everyday Change workshop brings together individuals, organisations and expert talent to re-shape how we look at, respond to and deliver change.

Everything we do is about improving how we deliver change within our organisations and translating that into measurable and tangible day-to-day impacts on what you do and how you work.

And the best bit? It’s all about you. We’ll work with your culture, actively challenging your expectations and assumptions so you leave in a better place than when you started. The workshop will give you:

  • A time out to reflect, decompress and re-set
  • A better understanding of the change you’re facing into
  • Introduction to change models that are scalable and sustainable
  • Tools and techniques to introduce agility to your change
  • Clarity on how you can better communicate with and engage your organisation
  • Tangible actions that will positively impact your change.


What happens on the day?

The workshop will use a range of tools and techniques to spark and facilitate conversations about people’s relationships with change, exploring both the emotional and rational sides of their experiences.

Your day will be spent with an expert facilitator, someone who knows change like the back of their hand. Working with them, you’ll be guided and challenged through our playbook, shaping your journey and what you need as we go. Every workshop is grounded in our ethos of being openly optimistic about how we change, but eternally pragmatic that the journey can be a bit bumpy.

Why choose this workshop?

We know, there’s lots out there. But our approach means we can tailor every aspect of your experience and be responsive to your needs and the dynamic of the group on the day.  And we aren’t using a ‘sausage machine’ approach – we take the time to talk about you, your needs and how we can get you there. Our workshop is engrained in a coaching mindset, so we don’t tell, we show and guide.

Not only will you get something meaningful and recognisable, but we’ll be able to maximise your impact and outcomes.

What do you get:

When you book for your organisation:

  • A power hour to scope out where you are and what you need (sorting any niggles you have whilst we are there)
  • A full day at your gaff, we’ll bring everything from the playbooks to the blu-tak
  • A write up of the session with key organisational themes and recommendations (and the recommendations will be about what you can do, not an upsell for what we can do)
  • A handful of coaching hours for folk in the room that might need help progressing their actions after the session
  • A group follow up on the work that happened in the room and after

If you’re here, thinking about how this could help your organisation then your next step is to book a power hour to start talking about it (and we’ll knock the cost of a power hour off your final booking)

When you book as an individual:

  • A day at an accessible venue, usually close to a train station so you can leave your car at home
  • A follow up coaching session to help you progress
  • The opportunity for a post session social so you can build your change network with others that are in the session with you

If you’re looking to book for you, then we release dates for our group sessions every couple of months. If you want in on the updates you can sign up for them and we’ll drop them straight over. If you’re ready to book in for our November session then come on over, come on over baby.

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