Everyday Change is not-quite-a consultancy.

Why? Because it has all the talent and none of the fuss, with an open optimism that your experiences of change can be positive and should always be centred around being better. And the best bit? It’s all about you.

All About You.

Everyday Change was created for you and others like you for the days when you’re…

  • trying to create change in teams and organisations
  • feeling a bit lost as to where to get started
  • struggling to find the real problems and priorities
  • wanting to create something brilliant, but lacking direction

and you’re in the right place, if you’d like to do it with a bit of little umph.

The problem with change.

Experience tells us that no matter the size or type of organisation your problems are never far from each other. But, the actual problem with change? Its not the actual change. Your fear of change comes from a bad experience, the last consultants you worked with, the war stories you are told and the faces of colleagues when a change is announced. All of these things tell you it’s going to be bloody miserable. Well, its not. And here’s why.

We focus our efforts on creating adaptable and scalable solutions that will grow with you, your organisations and your future. And we are experts in solving the hurdles you’ll come across.

Problem 1) worrying that the changes you are making, might not be right in the first place. We’ll enable you to pressure test your change to make sure your change is right, with a clear line of sight to the outcomes you want

Problem 2) you don’t actually know what you’re doing. And we say that with absolute love. We’ve all been there whether its reality or a dose of imposter syndrome we’ll support you by building the best fit capability and approach that works for you, your people and your change.

Problem 3) it’s all too complicated. It probably isn’t, but your governance, need for dates and ‘great optics’ means you’ve probably got yourself in a pickle and your ability to deliver well is probably up the swanny. So let’s clear it all away, get you back on track and get the show back on the road.

Problem 4) there’s too much stuff moving and changing (and everything is urgent, and things are on fire). We’ll work with you to review your portfolio, make clear recommendation of different ways of delivering to make it easier and more sustainable. And we’ll help you have the hard conversations that follow.

A bit about us

Susie Palmer-Trew, Change consultant and brain behind Everyday Change

Our motivation is to enable you to deliver brilliant change, so you can change your world.

Everyday Change provides change management and leadership capability to organisation when they need it most. It is built on 15 years of experience delivering complex change, creating (and curating) strategy and building capability across organisations of all sizes; underpinned by accredited and credible learning.

Susie created Everyday Change after becoming bored and frustrated with engaging with the ‘Big 4’. Tired of slide decks, sausage machine solutions and for not getting to the heart of our people or our problems.

Openly optimistic that change should be easier, focussing our efforts on getting and being better and committing to getting the job done

The way we work.

Our mission at Everyday Change is to create fit for purpose change capability that enables you, your team and organisation to flourish.

We approach every engagement as partner, an equal will to share the load and the responsibility. We will partner with you wholeheartedly and then, when we are done and happy we’ve made the most of working together, we’ll part ways.

We promise that when we are done, we’ll leave you with new capability and a renewed confidence in delivering your next steps. And whilst we’ll always be happy to hear from you again, we won’t be planning on returning.

Why? Because we believe in the power of choice so we will always give you space to make your next step without us looking over your shoulder. But more importantly we genuinely believe that our time together will mean the next time you face the same or similar challenge you’ll have enough on your side to face into it and therefore you shouldn’t need our help (in the same way) again.

Ready to get involved? If you fancy working with us, head this way to book your power hour.

Power Hour

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Everyday Change

Founded in 2019 by Susie Palmer-Trew, Everyday Change is breaking the change management rule book to get you changing in the best possible way.

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